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Nigel Haizelden, B.Sc. B.Vet.Med MRCVS

Nigel established the Ledston Equine Centre in 2002 on the picturesque Ledston Estate in West Yorkshire with a vision to create a centre of excellence in equine surgery and care, education, events and livery.

ledstonwinterHe now leads the three-vet Ledston Equine Clinic - serving a huge range of horses and ponies of all disciplines.

The Clinic has excellent facilities for in-patients, lameness investigations, X-ray, ultrasound and vettings. It also provides regular dental, farriery, physiotherapy and saddle-fitting clinics.

Doncaster RacesNigel’s career-long interest in thoroughbreds continues through his work with some top racehorses, sales work, and duties at Doncaster Racecourse.

His other clinical interests include soft tissue surgery, imaging, wound management, laminitis, animal rescue and treatment of sarcoids.

Nigel has also developed the Centre's educational role, holding regular lectures in the indoor school, and has recently launched the WebLeC online education service.Nigel Haizelden, lead vet

He has also invested heavily in the facilities at Ledston - which now boasts a thriving indoor school which hosts regular affiliated showjumping, dressage and showing events.

Nigel trained as a veterinary surgeon at the The Royal Veterinary College in London - and following graduation took an extra year's study as an intern at the RVC Equine Surgery Department. He also holds an honours degree in Physiology & Biochemistry of Farm Animals from The University of Reading.

Following his training, Nigel spent 11 years as assistant and then partner at an equine practice in North Yorkshire where he was responsible for surgery and diagnostic imaging (establishing the first nuclear scintigraphy facility in the north), serving some of the big racing yards in Middleham, and providing a referral service.

He then moved to an equine hospital in Lambourn - with responsibility for in-patients, managing the nursing team, some surgery and anaesthesia, and much of the lameness and imaging caseload, including over 300 scintigraphy scans per year. The lure of Yorkshire and the opportunity to put Ledston on the equine map came in 2002 and the rest is history.

All a long way from his first job on a local thoroughbred stud farm while at school, where he learned basic yard and horse management, foaling brood mares, looking after foals, and preparing yearlings for Newmarket’s Tattersalls sales.

Outside work Nigel enjoys walking, badminton, cricket, photography, DIY, and spending time with his family and friends.