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April Vaccine Amnesty 2012


Pay for 1st dose in Apr - 2nd dose FREE

Applies to Influenza, Tetanus, or Strangles vaccine
PLUS: 1/3 off Strangles Vaccine:
The primary course will cost just 20+ vat for both doses, if started before end April.
(No visit charge for 6 or more horses on same yard/day)

strangles symptoms

More about Strangles

Terms & Conditions:
Vaccine Amnesty:
1st dose: must be administered before 30th April 2012
Payment: by cash or credit/debit card on day OR - BACS - pre-payment only
2nd dose: will be administered 4-6 weeks after first.

We reserve the right to refuse to extend the offer to clients with unpaid accounts at our discretion.
6 or more horses at same premises on same day – visit charge FREE.

Plus for Strangles Vaccine:

Horses must be healthy and not in a yard with active Strangles infection circulating.
Administration of Intra-muscular vaccines at same time is contra-indicated (IE Flu, Tetanus, or Flu & Tet)

Further advice:

Although not essential, best practice for a zero tolerance approach is to screen horses for Strangles antibody before vaccination to detect carriers.
A blood sample is required to do this prior to vaccination contact LEC for details.
Immunity should be boosted at 6 monthly intervals.
The more horses vaccinated the better the protection for your yard.
Control and screening of incoming horses is highly recommended. Please contact LEC if you wish to discuss an isolation & outbreak plan


The Ledston Equine Clinic's mission is to provide total care for your horse.

So, we guarantee that our three full-time vets only ever work with horses.

They are available for visits, clinic-based work and provide a 24 hour emergency service.

The practice also has immediate access to leading experts in all fields of equine veterinary surgery and medicine, so we can seek the best and most up to date care for your horse that is available.

Ledston holds regular on-site equine dental, physiotherapy, farriery and saddle fitting clinics.

If your horse needs rest or rehabilitiation after injury, we can arrange places at Ledston or at the excellent facilities of Parks Farm Equine Therapy Centre, near Harrogate.

Contact us on 01977 668777 or email us on clinic@ledstonequine.com.